About Us

SPUNKY – is used to describe somebody who has attitude, who has a presence, plucky, high spirited, fiery, peppery.

It is with this spirit that I started Spunkyteez.com.

My designs are all original concept and design. I’m a big fan of printed apparel that gets your message out there. There is a place for subtle messaging, but I really love when I see someone focusing on a shirt that I am wearing and I can see them absorbing the brand.

My appreciation for printed apparel goes back many years. I have always been a “T-shirt” guy. I am all about comfort, and the apparel these days are made with comfort in mind. Spunkteez.com can offer you original design and messaging, and produce high quality printed or embroidered apparel. Let’s work together to come up with the right message for your company.

Rob Laser